Starting To Care About Skincare

2013-03-17 13.14.37

It’s only about two years ago since I really started caring about my skin. Before that I only removed my makeup with cottonpads when I wanted to and put on a face moisturizer once a day maybe even less. It wasn’t really something that interested me. I loved makeup and have for a long time, but skincare wasn’t anything huge for me. That was until my skin started freaking out. I got so many spots and scars after the spots which foundation and concealer only made look worse. This was also the time I started reading beauty blogs and watching videos about skincare and makeup and that changed my thoughts on skincare right away. New words like exfoliating were learned and my skin looked better and better for every month.

The picture above is not flattering at all.. I know! But it shows you how my skin was before. I still get spots here and there, but my forehead is spot free most off the time. It’s only my chin area that gets the most spots right now. I am so glad I got into skincare because I hated my spots and scars even though I now some people have it a lot worse than I did. I think it is important to talk about because some people might read this and feel the same way as I did which makes me so sad for them. So if you feel like you have done a lot, try buying natural skincare without all the nasty stuff in it. The more natural the product the better for you skin at least that is what I believe. And please don’t scrub your skin if you have a lot of pimples because that can spread bacteria and make it even worse. Be gentle to your skin.

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