Makeup Mistakes




When I first got into makeup I stole my mothers eyeshadow and thought it was eyeliner. I therefore used it as eyeliner, but it defiantly did not look good at all. I put it on with the little eyeshadow applier which comes in the eyeshadow package. I put it on my eyelids and under my eyes… I must have looked horrible. I’m sure I did.

Oh how many mistakes I have made and still sometimes make! The pictures above shows how crazy I went with the bronzer at a party in 2011. Not a great look.. I do like me a bit of bronzer, but maybe I should have looked at myself in the mirror and thought “have I just been on a vacation? No, well then I should not look like I have burned my cheeks off at one!” Gosh..What was I thinking?

We all have made mistakes and we will keep on making them. We just have to look in the mirror one extra time.


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