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  • A Short Trip To Aarhus

    2014-08-11 15.47.57

    My mother, father and I went to Aarhus to see ARoS and some of our family. Unfortunately the weather didn’t like us that day – it rained! We bought these orange rain covers which you can se me modeling above.

    2014-08-11 15.50.12

    We went for lunch at a place called Ziggy which has super delicious food. I ordered a caesar salad which was so good! My parents got chili con carne which also looked amazing. 2014-08-11 15.53.11

    We then went to ARoS and now it gets exciting. I met the lovely Estée and her very nice boyfriend Aslan. Estée has a blog I love to read and two youtube channels I could watch all day long. I heard them talking about going to Scandinavia in a video. When we were going to Aarhus I saw on twitter that they were in Aarhus and I thought it would be so funny if I met them. What are the chances – I ran into them at ARoS!! I was so nervous and I don’t really know why. I guess it was because I didn’t think that I would bump into them and defiantly not in Aarhus.

    They were so lovely and kind. I think I sounded like the biggest idiot because I was so nervous and didn’t expect to meet them. I didn’t know what to say at all. There was so much more I wish I would have said and asked them about but that has to be saved for another time I guess haha.

    Estée’s blog HERE

    Estée and Aslan’s vlogs HERE
    2014-08-11 15.54.23

    2014-08-11 15.56.17

    2014-08-11 15.57.24

    After fangirlin’ I got myself together and could finally focus on the lovely art at ARoS. It was the first time we visited ARoS and I must say it was very exciting. I loved the Wes Lang exhibition, the old Danish Skagen paintings and the room filled with different colored smoke. The last one was really creepy because you couldn’t see anything and when you thought you were going near a wall you were not near one at all.

    After a nice day out in Aarhus we went to my grandmothers house and had dinner.