Summer 2014 #1

  I thought I would show you some photos of the summer I’ve had so far. It has been great so far and I’m loving living in Denmark when it’s …Read more

Spiky Yet Pretty

    Something so pretty but you can’t even touch them? That doesn’t make any sense why something so pretty shouldn’t be touched, and they sure are pretty to me. …Read more


Summery makeup

Summer is here! And I believe that summery makeup suits everyone. Summer makes us happy and makes us want to go outside more, or is that just me? I actually …Read more


Why do we “selfie”?

  Be prepared. The above is a selfie-bomb ready to explode! I just got the thought: “Why do we even selfie?” And why is that? I know that it has …Read more

2014-07-07 16.17.16

Jazz Up Your Water

  Lately I’ve been a big fan of water. Sounds lame I know. I just feel better when I drink lots of water. Maybe it’s because I think it’s healthy …Read more


Where have I been?

  Well.. I’m so sorry. I didn’t try to ignore you I promise! I have simply just been super busy. Now that I finally graduated there have been so much …Read more

2014-06-23 15.08.00

I Graduated

A little life update. I GRADUATED! I’am finally done with school for at least one year. I had a lovely day and lovely friends and family waited outside the door …Read more


Makeup Mistakes

  When I first got into makeup I stole my mothers eyeshadow and thought it was eyeliner. I therefore used it as eyeliner, but it defiantly did not look good …Read more


Very Dry Skin #2

How can a gal’ cure dry elbows? Well it is very hard and time has to be put into finding the solution unless you keep reading because I have the …Read more

Brows, Brows And Brows

I remember when my friend asked me: “Do you want me to pluck your brows?” I was too afraid and said no maybe because she just told me how she …Read more


False Lash Look

  I Have tried so many different mascaras through the years and never found one that was perfect in every way. I found one that made my lashes so long …Read more